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Week 2 Lecture 1
Gameplay and Interaction Design
All possible actors (player, mobs, objects)
Game world or environment
Current State of the Game
-location of tokens
-status of tokens
-challenge States
Currently available actions
Where do we start?
Software Development Process
Traditional Development
-requirements analysis
-software architecture
-training & Support
Agile: Extreme Programming (XP)
Requirements: User Stories
Identify Important Features
Test-Driven Development (TDD)
-define a narrow test condition
-run the program and see the failing result
-write code to solve the test condition
-see test pass
-refactor code
A model abstracts the essence of the underlying problem from its complicated real world
Modeling is used for communication, documentation, and design
Models consist of objects / actors that interact by sending each other messages. Objects have
things they know (attributes) and things they can do (behaviors or operations). The values of an
object's attributes determine its state
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