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Lecture 5

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Interactive Arts & Tech
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IAT 167
Jack Stockholm

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Week 5 Lecture 2
OOP Concepts
Class Interfaces
The ability of an object to be a container for properties (data) and methods
The ability of an object to hide and restrict access to internal properties and methods
Accessor functions allow class consumers to read internal variables
Mutator functions allow class consumers to change internal variables
Object {
public var x:int;
public var y:int;
public function show();
Access Control
internal (default) - Visible to references inside the same package.
private - Visible to references in the same class.
protected - Visible to references in the same class and derived classes.
public - Visible to references everywhere.
static - Specifies that a property belongs to the class, as opposed to instances of the class.
Get / Set
Access a class variable via functions but as if directly
Allows you to put conditions on when getting and setting is allowed
The capability of a class to use the properties and methods of another class (its superclass)
while adding its own functionality (the subclass)
class Wheel{
var hub;
var spokes;
var rim;
function roll();
class RearWheel extends Wheel {
var gears; function pedal();
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