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Lecture 6

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Interactive Arts & Tech
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IAT 167
Jack Stockholm

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Week 6 Lecture 1 and 2
Game Time and Flow State in Game User Experience
Duality of Game Time
Play Time-the time the player takes to play
Objective Time
Event Time-time Taken in the Game World
Player Experience of Time
The experience of time is tied not only to the play time/event time relation and to the
challenges provided by the game, but also to the relation between game difficulty and player
Game Challenge
If a Game is a series of Interesting Choices
There must be no obviously ‘best’ option
Nor may all options be equally good
Player needs to be able to make some qualified choice
Dead Time unchallenging activities for the sake of a higher goal
Factors in Flow State
An ability to concentrate and focus
Clear goals and immediate feedback
A perceived sense of control over actions, and a lack of a sense of worry about losing control
The merging of action and awareness i.e., a state of deep and effortless involvement
A loss of self-consciousness or preoccupation with self
The transformation of time
Balance between ability and challenge
A transformative dialog between the user and the system
Can be characterized as a point at which participants feel that they are able to change and
appreciate changes in the form
Involves appreciation of possible contributions and anticipation of their outcomes.
Factors in Engagement
Focused Attention
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