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Interactive Arts & Tech
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IAT 167
Jack Stockholm

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Week 8 and 9 Lectures
Custom Events
Event Types
Custom Events
Custom Events
Events are objects that are raised by the Dispatcher, Caught by the Listener, and passed to the
Custom events can be used to pass variables from the sender (dispatcher) to the receiver
Excellent way to preserve OOP encapsulation rules
Proximity Detection
Flash objects measure from their ‘Registration’ point
Typically the center of the object
If you want to measure from the edge, take the registration point +/- half of the width / height
of the object
Problem 1: Bounding Box or Radius Detection
Problem 2: Detection across time in the Game Loop
ActionScript Instrinsics
hitTestObject: Boundary box collision detection, fast and efficient, not precise.
hitTestPoint: Higher precision, but only tests if a single point is in an object
Meaningful Play: Discernible and Integrated relationship between actions and outcomes
Fundamental Categories of Play
Agon: competition / competitive struggle
Alea: submission to the fortunes of chance
Mimicry: role-playing and make-believe
Ilinx: vertigo and physical sensation
Typology of Fun
Sensation: sensory pleasure
Fantasy: make-believe
Narrative: drama
Challenge: obstacles overcome
Fellowship: social framework
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