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IAT 201 Lecture Notes - Change Blindness, Statistical Graphics, Knowledge Representation And Reasoning

Interactive Arts & Tech
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IAT 201
Brian Fisher

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Week 7 Cognition and Design
Humans are Informavores
Traditionally human survival depends on ability to predict and to plan
-humans seek, gather, share, and consume information in order to adapt
-human brain evolved for perceptually rich but information-sparse environments
-estimate our mental models of a situation can have about 6 elements, 2 of which are active
-the rest is background (remember change blindness)
Unfortunately for our brains, the information environment has changed quite a bit…
New experiences for old brains
Transistor density doubles every 24 months
Disk density doubles every 12 months
Brain volume doubles every 3 x10^7 months
Intuitions about architectural processing are inaccurate = “metacognitive gap”
Visual Analytics Disciplines
Statistics, data representation and statistical graphics
Geospatial and Temporal Sciences
Applied Mathematics
Knowledge representation, management and discovery
-Ontology, semantics, Natural Language Processing, extraction, synthesis
Cognitive and Perceptual Sciences
Communication: Capture, Illustrate and present a message
Decision sciences
Information and Scientific Visualization
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