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Lecture 2

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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 233
Russell Taylor

IAT233 Week 2 Lecture The Big Idea Composition in GD that is non-distracting visually in which these things are evident Keys What goes down first? Relationship of all parts together to create a unified composition Generous whitespace Project/time management Process-a series of process quality decisions will add up Do think, do, learn, edit, etc i.e. the decisions you make Main Issue Design is the quality of your decisions that add up. Start seeing where you are going off the road before you do Language: hierarchy, clusters, A/B Grammar: rule of thirds, tension/locking, overlapping plains, underlying structures, hotspots, contrast Brodowich Method 1) Is this a good image? 2) What goes down first? 3) Hotspots? Draws attention 4) Can I crop this image more effectively? 5) Is there structure? Am I stitching it? 6) Intuition IAT233 Week 3 lab The main issue this week was I. Design-the quality or your decisions. The quality of your process will always determine the quality of your results II.
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