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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 233
Russell Taylor

IAT 233 Things to Consider Urban Studies Use problem and solution approach-show barriers Why form-dig deeper into scales, don’t dig too deep into history Get more into depth and relate it to Jan Gehl and Matthew Fredrick Urban Intervention Really look into the audience you are designing for Be clear with your parti statement Don’t design a building to look like a box Program is not a floor plan Renders need to be accurate-scale, slope, angle, etc. -make them not look like a model, don’t use distracting materials Better off use Photoshop rather than the textures in render programs Walls are not a sheet of paper Windows and facades work better than slits Cut into the slope if you have to Parallel lines doesn’t mean you need them directly Scale people should tell you how people interact with space-silhouettes don’t tell you much Think of other ways to make a room warm instead of all wood walls When Presenting (General) Weave through concepts more Summary-don’t give a tour Organization is very important Don’t read what is written on a website e.g. “the best place” Jump in and help your teammates if they get stuck Stick to the assigned topic-don’t take it out of context Don’t go back and forth-leads to confusion First slide should show the overall concept without the clichés Don’t put in contents slide if you are going to skip by it Writing Good Content Example: Matali Crasset HOW TO DO CONTENT BETTER: +content was what was weak. You never really said much about her that got at the POETRY aspect. To get this, read what OTHERS say about her and begin to develop maybe 3 key words/directions from that. If I scan the first article that comes up in Google: design museum interview, I get +daily life +typologies +ignores "good taste" +a sense of generosity and sharing Those would all have been areas to explore. If I spend more than the minute I just online spent doing that searching, I find maybe 5-10 more sources and decide if the original three are strong enough. I decide on three. Define what you/she
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