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IAT 235 Week 1 Lecture

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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 235
Jack Stockholm

Quizzes in lectures! Pay attention to assignment criteria - this is not graphic design Why do we do info design? Globalization through complexity - globalization through local: easy to get anywhere. Still need to be able to communicate ideas for different langs and cultures - visual, non verbal communication (Vertical) Lots of different cultures even within Vancouver culture - different levels of education, specializations. Need to communicate w/ all. (Horizontal) Pace of Life has changed - much more rapid, divided attention, need to absorb message quickly and easily, clear messaging Overwhelming media presence - create new meaningful contexts, messaging is everywhere, to get our message across must create new contexts, new designs Where is information design today? Maps, kiosks, literature, on web (infographics, forums, learning management systems, etc), interface design, bank machines, signage, magazines, books, etc Information design is in almost all graphic design (almost all things we want to communicate) Start w/ graphic design, continue into info design Goals of graphic design: send a message, attract, functional, aesthetically pleasing, must be understandable to audience, assist audience in making a decision, possibly fun, passionate, memorable, more aesthetical, "very beautiful" Goals of information design: doesn't need to be as fun, passionate and memorable, needs to be more utilitarian, analytical, scientific, "very clear" Form follows function, but function doesn't crowd out form. Form should still be there. Should have relevance to context and audience What is Info Design? Clear and accessible communication through clear content, clear lang, clear form Creates understanding and meaning Accurately represents knowledge sets No confusion, user ALWAYS gets this For an intended audience Aspire to 90% understanding rate w/ peers Satisfying: aesthetic, economic, ergonomic (suiting to the body or the form - fits w/ human needs), subject matter requirements Blending: Goals: Solve communication problem Making information accessible - create understanding and meaning (knowledge - can receive and interpret correctly) Reduction of noise in communication channel Eliminate extraneous content Simplify options Narrowing possible interpretations - while displaying MOST POSSIBLE INFORMATION EVERYTHING ON THE PAGE HAS MEANING Good: interesti
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