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Lecture 2

IAT 235 Week 2 Lecture

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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 235
Jack Stockholm

Information Design/Icon Icon and Icon Specifications History of Icons Principles of Icon Design Mistakes of Icon Design IAT235 Assignments Remember: Can't know it until you try it To clarify, add detail - clutter and overload are not an attribute of information; they are a failure of design. It's not symptomatic of how much info you have, but how you present the info. Info in chaos, fix design, not info. - Tufte Classification of signs: •Icons - literal visual representations •Symbols - abstract representations - symbols are often learned, but some can carry meaning just from shape •Indexes - representation by connection Types of (computer) icons: •Application •Functional - let you do something, usually in toolbars (example, save floppy disk icon) •Navigation Icons •Format - change orientation, way to change how you're viewing something Icon Design - Anatomy of an Icon: •Slide about changes in icon size as technology improves •Crystal clear information about what it is and does, but it also scalable What makes symbols and language work: people understand it! Effect of copyright law on info design - what if everyone had to design their own lasso tool? Too much info! What will be the symbol that will always represent this thing? A third dimension makes something feel much more clickable Colour does NOT have universal meaning. Can differentiate by colour, but does not have any different meaning. But, this differentiation is important Dark border on one side, light border on the other can help display will on dark and light backgrounds All have at least 2 colours, preferably one that's darkish and one that's lightish
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