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Lecture 3

IAT 235 Week 3 Lecture

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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 235
Jack Stockholm

Pictograms "A stylized figurative drawing that is used to convey information of an analogical or figurative nature directly to indicate an object or express as idea." A step up from icon, intended to convey more information than just an icon. Computer interfaces have always been text heavy For localization, want to move from high text level interfaces, use more pictograms. Easier, cheaper to localize. *Art board should have been at 72 DPI Why pictograms? Symbols and signs Law of Pragnanz: Conciseness vs Detail (Gestalt) Otl Aicher: Olympic Games Consistency, Figure-Ground Balanace EXP - new gamer bar here? Quiz answers: Iconic, symbolic, abstract First case example: The laptop for every child. Motivation: accessibility to people who have never seen a laptop, have never seen an computer inferface Grok - understand, parse Why communicate with images? Identified quickly and accurately, can be processed at a distance. Reduces cognitive load - reading takes time, is linear -images are understood in an instant, can be processed in parallel Conserve display space - can smaller and still visible Work across cultures in many cases Picture superiority effect - images are faster to read/recognize than text < 30, text = image > 30s, image easier to recall Effect stronger with concrete, common things, not abstract Blending: Attract attention Want user to retain/have memory of it Understand it, grok the meaning Create a context - brings together everything! Creating contrast with context allows us to attract more attention, novelty as well (also good for retention). Retention Dual-coding assists long term memory - picture and text, verbal and visual instruction Concrete > abstract Assist in building schemas - network of interrelated propositions (review COGS notes?) Gain recognition and memory by organizing things into groups, categorizing. How do they work within other parts?
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