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Lecture 4

IAT 235 Week 4 Lecture

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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 235
Jack Stockholm

Classification and Perception Assignment Review •Assignments are due before lab, NOT LECTURE •Compress PDFs before submitting •Need to do analysis - don't jump right into Illustrator and start to work •Also: do the research! Make sure your stuff hasn't been done before. Perception and Cognition: •Readings on this are SUPER CRITICAL! Possibly the most important of the whole term •Visual perception: mechanics of sight: •Sensation (physical process) -> Perception (cognitive process) •Memory: •Iconic: <1000ms (sensory mem) •Visual persistence (150ms) -> can already move something into iconic memory if show something for this length of time. •Informational persistence -> Same as above •Works because of saccades: eyes move lots. Stay for 150ms, goes into iconic mem •Short-term: 20-30s •Store in short term mem in chunks: 7 +- 2 •Selective attention: what moves into here from iconic memory is selected by various factors (YAYCOGS) •Long-term memory: •Must work w/ info to move into LTM •Feedback loop •Speed reading courses super helpful, apparently •Uncertainty Reduction Theory: Social context, social uncertainty. Entry, connection, exit. Meet, small talk, ask about, make connections, transition out. •Social theory, but works well for information design. Want something to guide entry, want something that has guts, want the exit •On exit, should leverage feedback loop - get this info into their LTM (for better retention) •Principle of Least Effort: people are lazy, when people encounter any visual design, see it, think they understand it, move on. •Regardless of if they actually got it. •Make sure in first entry, guide them into something MORE difficult. Entry should not give them enough info to think that they know it •AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. •Sales process, but works for ID •How do we generate interest? Make users generate questions? •Make them look for answers IN YOUR DATA - which they should be able to find! Alternatively, they should be able to find that that info is not there. •Pattern Perception/Table Lookup •First look at something: focus on specific item, everything else is in periphery: focus, fringe, margins •People can capture information around focus (in fringe) •Attract eye to system then move through in a series - bring attention, process through info •Need hooks for people to grab on to •Bertin's retinal properties •Retina sensitive to things, independent of
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