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Lecture 5

IAT 235 Week 5 Lecture

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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 235
Jack Stockholm

Quantitative Data Larger is NOT seen as dominant - the entire background is an object, and it is NOT dominant Principle of area: largest is seen as ground Dominance is related to attention. Details attract our eye and stand out. Why information graphics? •Have lots of data •Data sets can be hard to read on their own, graphs visualize and make reading easier. Make numbers OBVIOUS. •Show viewer answers to some interesting questions about the data set •2 assignments this week: analysis of existing info design, then taking a data set (w/ at least 3pt of data) •10 point assignment! Largest yet! Kinda like a mid term. (This actually equates to 10% of the mark, so yeah) Edward Tufte •Born 1942 •The Visual Display of Information •Important voice in visualization and info display •STRONG views: Power Points result in murdered kittens •Easy to be gimmicky, to be lazy - encourages bullet pointing •Encourages single layer, hierarchical display of information (bullet points) •Not much room for creativity •Get a lot of the same displays - all look the same. Tool encourages this. •Rigid in terms of presentation format •HOWEVER: The same things are strengths! •Uniform display: every variety of context, people familiar with format •0 energy wasted on orienting to format •It's easy as a viewer. Easy to follow simple info display. •Works in its context •Lorence Lessig - single image, talk about image for presentation •Big ideas: •Escaping flat land: d
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