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IAT 235 Week 7 Lecture

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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 235
Jack Stockholm

Audience Usability, Personas, Scenarios, Project Scope Basically ditch the metaphor unless it DEFINITELY HAS VERY CLEAR AND PRECISE MEANING Lose clarity because of the cute things, too many graphical elements - all should have meaning, but don't Usability: •Ability of a system to be used with satisfaction by the people in the context it is intended for •Usability is to audience •Quality attribute: assesses how easy user interfaces are to use •Also refers to methods from improving ease of use •Defined by: •Learnability: how quickly do they get a sense of purpose, understand message, ease of access •Efficiency: productivity, what is their process and does it improve it? •Memorability: do they need to see if more than once? If so, are they able to find info without going through learning process again? Also, if you encounter something that references it, does it cause recall? •Errors: does your application have erroneous data? Does it produce an error? Have you directed users to the wrong place? Have they been misled? •Satisfaction: holy grail of usability. Encompasses all of these other factors, but also something bigger - encompasses aesthetic, negotiation with users Pre-design: •Discover the audience! •Who are they, what do they do, how do they think, how to they respond, what do they want? •Demographics: Age, Gender, Education, Income, Marital Status/family - always get these! Easiest and cheapest to get, lowest margin of errors. Not always relevant, but always good to have! •Psychographics: Attitudes, Ambitions, Habits, Preferences, Skills, Details of daily life - what they are thinking. Not as clear, not the same level of hard fact, but good for correlation, better usability design - more specific information •Get rid of own biases by collecting data - ex, girls like pink, but not shown in data - not real •Take level of education required for surveys down. Don't know who you'll get, and reduces use of jargon. •Cultural background: want to understand culture, cultural biases and knowledge, resolve issues with cultural programming, sensitive to different meanings of different things, background •Example: buying condoms stigma in Switzerland, want to lower,
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