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IAT 235 Week 9 Lecture

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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 235
Jack Stockholm

Mapping Start sketching maps of space - look at layout, look at how it is organized (those models from last week) Multiple audiences and goals within the space, support them Produce multiple overlays to support this Event overlay, facility overlay, view overlay, trail overlay, etc Which use cases map to which models? Where to put our signage (from this week's reading) For next week: pdf who audience is, what space is, how we design for them, mapping strategies, etc For portfolio! Students coming out of SIAT should have a deep portfolio. This is one of the ways we build this. +Iterative design. Basically, put everything together into light portfolio, show in 3min madness next week. Should have lots of sketches, sketches of screens in flash for example. Dangerous to produce portfolio that only has form (and finished products). Design is not about these forms. About the processing and solving the problem! So show your process. About research, data gathering, analysis, sketches, how can to sketches, how your process is unique - how do you sell youself? Don't just design for one scenario - make it scalable! You don't have room for every place in your environment at every node. Map •visual representation of an area •it's a symbolic depiction - trying to make literal, still but abstraction •What objects are is not as important. More so is relationships between objects •Helps them build own mental image, builds memory, don't feel lost •Space may be real or imagined, w/ or w/o context or scale •Arch begins with set of abstractions •Several different maps - those for people who putting in window, for molding, etc •Cartography starts with concrete structure, then build overlays •Levels of abstraction we will show to viewer to help understanding of space •Cartesian model: •Start w/ nothing, 2D coord sys •Overlay paths, elements, objects, whatever we feel is important on coord sys •Map should help people conceptually understand the space •Social mapping •Lefebvre: social production of space •How do humans use space? •Space defined by use, not construction •Building the space != owning it •All spaces are public spaces •Space only relevant if people in it, using it •Does this space feel like it's mine? Who do we perceive owning it? •Loitering on a sidewalk - who owns the sidewalk? •How do you give access to something that perceptionally seems off limits? Why does it feel off limits? •Can use mapping techniques to
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