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IAT 265 Lecture 1 Notes

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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 265
Eric Yang

OOP is focus of this course. Multimedia is the context Visualization is an important part of SIAT later on Iterative development - spiral model of software engineering - Agile! Multimedia as a Context: What is multimedia? •Sound •Animation •Video •Interface •Images •Text •Graphics Applications that use multiple modalities of the above Media that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing to inform or entertain the user Traditional def doesn't include interactivity, just has those forms; now it is found essential (new media = traditional multimedia + interactivity) Typical mm applications: games, virtual reality, internet, digital image/video editing and production, video teleconferencing, etc Java Lang we are going to use: Java as Processing Java is OOP - EVERYTHING is in a class Java automatically does memory clean up - less likely to encounter memory leaks, much safer Java was originally created for embedded systems Incorporated into web browsers early - Java applet Processing makes it very easy to create an applet - just export into one! As it was designed for embedded systems, it was designed around a virtual machi
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