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Datatypes Primitive Types int-integers (whole numbers) between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647 float-floating point numbers (decimal numbers) char-a single character byte-integers between -127 and 128 boolean-true or false Declaring int xPosition; declares a new variable xPosition of type int float yPosition; declares a new variable yPosition of type float char myFirstInitial; declares a new variable myFirstInitial of type char byte numOfApples; declares a new variable numOfApples of type byte boolean lightOn; declares a new variable lightOn of type boolean -variables should be in camelCase with no spaces or characters Initializing xPosition = 40; sets the variable xPosition to 40 yPosition = 40.5; sets the variable yPosition to 40.5 myFirstInitial = 'M'; sets the variable myFirstInitial to M *note the single quote numOfApples = 8; sets the variable numOfApples to 8 lightOn = true; sets the variable lightOn to true Declaring and Initializing float yPosition = 40.5; declare and initialize variable yPosition to 40.5 Variables must be assigned only values that their type will accept E.g. Cannot assign a string literal to a character Cannot assign an integer to a boolean Strings String hello; declares a variable of type String named hello hello = "Hello"; initializes the String hello to equal "Hello" String hello = "Hello"; declaration and initialization in one line String Operations Concatenation-the ability to add one string to the beginning or end of another String hello = “Hello “; String user = "Matt"; String helloUser = hello + user; helloUser -> "Hello Matt" String byeUser = "Bye " + user; byeUser -> "Bye Matt" Char At and Length-the ability to pick out a character at a specific position and retrieve its length String
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