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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 265
Matt Lockyer

Methods Creating methods returnType methodName (parameters) { methodBody } Return Type-specifies what type of value will be returned (void for nothing) Method Name-must be unique (there are exceptions) Parameters-a list of variables with their type used in the method Method Body-the code that the method executes methodName(); is to call a method Controls and Loops if / else / switch statements Boolean expressions are statements that can be either true or false Boolean Operators ! negation && and (conjunction) || or (disjunction) > greater than >= greater than or equal to <= less than or equal to < less than == equal NOTE the difference between "=", which is the assignment operator != not equal If statements are used to allow your code to follow different paths depending on a condition -the concept is if the statement is true, do the following bit of code if ( boolean_expression ) { // statements } else { //statements } Nest if statements if( boolean_expression ) { if( other_boolean_expression ) { // statements } } else { // more statements } Switch is a shortcut to using
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