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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 267
Helmine Serban

Networking The Simplest Network One to one connection between objects Before communication takes place, rules for communication have to be established Rules-different layers Data in an application User gets data from an application (feedback) -to understand what the application is doing -how the user actions have been interpreted -how to get the application to do what the user wants Data sent by user to the application (input) Data Exchange Factors that influence communication between different machines and applications: Context-continuous, non-continuous, a/synchronous, peer to peer, client server, etc. The means of communication: how Machines used-between what devices Amount of data being exchanged Benefits of communicating over networks Enable applications to work remotely -get information from remote locations -send information to other devices, applications, and locations -sends commands to a remote server Gather data from the Internet Network multiple devices and machines User Interaction The interaction in a design does not always need to be a matter of the user interacting with the interface of the application In most interactive applications, a great part of the communication goes on between the application and other devices or applications E.g. Data conversion -if data collected from sensors is to be transmitted over a network, it will have to be converted in a format according to the protocol being used Communication over Networks Remote data Remote access Remote control Arduino to Computer: Layers of Agreement Physical Layer How the physical inputs and outputs of each device connected to the other How many connections between the two devices needed to get messages across E.g. the Arduino module receives data on digital pin 0 (RX) and sends it out on pin 1 (TX) Electrical Layer Voltage levels sent to represent the bits of data E.g. Arduino uses pulse of 0V and 5V to represent bits Logical Layer Does an increase in voltage level represent a zero or a one? -5V signal represents the value of 1 and 0V signal represents the value of 0 Data Layer The timing of the bits Are the bits read in groups of 8, 9, or 10 bits? Are there bits at the beginning or end of each group to punctuate the groups? E.g. data is sent at 9600 bits per second. Each package contains 8 bits Application Layer How are the groups of bits arranged into messages? What is the order in which messages have to be exchanged in order to get something else done? E.g. at the application layer, one byte is sent from PC to Arduino and processed) A More Complex Network: the Internet Collection of networks In a simple network (Arduino to computer) only two points -sender -receiver In a network with many objects: a map is needed to keep track of objects/addressing schemes Network Maps and Addresses Networking maps: how things are connected Arrangements of physical connections (how the messages are routed on the network Types of Network Connections Directly Connected Network Star Network Ring Network Hardware Address and IP Address A device’s IP address can change when it is moved from one network to another Hardware address cannot change Hardware address: 00:11:24:9b:f3:70 IP: Addressing In order for an application on one machine to send a message to an application on another machine, the sending application must identify the receiving application To identify the receiving application, one must typically specify two pieces of information -the name or address of the host machine -the identity of the receiving process (application) on the destination host In Internet application, the destination host’s addre
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