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Lecture 6

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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 267
Helmine Serban

Analog Input If you want more information than what can be supplied be a digital input use analog input as they can take a full range of values in a certain intervalTransducers for Analog Input Various Some are very easy to work with others require extra circuitry Variable resistors potentiometers sensors light sensor thermistor forcesensing flex sensorsArduino and Analog Input Arduino same as all microcontrollersbinary device it can read only a high voltage or a low voltage therefore a voltage divider circuit is needed Arduino has a built in analog to digital converter ADC ADC measures a range of voltages and converts the value of the voltage at any given moment to a digital valueAnalog to Digital Converter ADC Inside the Arduino chip contains an onboard 6 channel analog to digital AD converter the converter has a 10 bit resolution returning integers from 0 to 1023
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