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IAT 320
Mark Nazemi

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IAT320 Lecture Notes Week 1 Embodiment-connections between form and the body (not just with the human body) -issues of social interaction and decision making using technology Physical environment E.g. how the body reacts to the room temperature Senses-how we actually take in information in an environment E.g. how people are able to walk to the washroom in the dark without any light around Week 2 Fashioning Technology -interactive wearables -requires fabric, sewing, and wearable technology such as conductive thread, LEDs, and small micro controllers Health and Safety Quantified self: using biofeedback to track ourselves Sensors -EMG: measures muscle movement -EEG: measures brain activity -GSR: measures arousal/stress levels -Heart Pulse: measures heart beat Children Toy/Education -tangible embedded system -fun and easy to use Assistive Systems for Elderly Art + Performance + Dance E.g. dresses which react to music and movement Architecture + Presence E.g. wall which senses movement Design Process Discover > Ideate > Prototype (Abstract > tangible > abstract > tangible) Discover -how to approach it -being open to new opportunities and getting inspired to create innovative ideas Ideate -how to interpret and begin designing what you learned Prototype -building and refining Week 3 Sensors GSR -measures arousal and anxiety levels through electric charges -can be easily hacked and connected to an Arduino board ENG -measures electrical activity of muscles EEG -can be hacked to read brain activity using Arduino and Processing Accelerometer -reads the 3 axis of movement -can be connected to Arduino Gyro + Accelerometer -measures orientation and gives 9 axis of movement -can be connected to Arduino Kinect + Wii remote -uses OSC protocol to send data wirelessly USB Cameras -tracks motion data using a simple camera Wearable Equipment -fabric snaps -switch -conductive thread, fabric -Lilypad protoboard, light sensor, micro controller, temperature sensor Week 4 5 Core Skills of Design a) Synthesize a solution b) Frame or re-frame the problem and objective c) Create and envision alternatives d) Select from al
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