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Lecture 10

IS 220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Kenneth Kaunda, Zhou Enlai, Arab Nationalism

International Studies
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IS 220
Stuart Parker

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1. March 20, 2017
Written Assignment
1. Objective journalism
1. The understanding that the events reported are physical events
that take place in the world
2. We investigate whether these events have happened by making
physical tests
2. Balanced Journalism
1. Based on the understanding that truth is not objective – truth
lives in a intersubjective shared space
2. Describes the two or more points of view that people have
surrounding an issue
3. These views are to be presented in an unbiased way – a
journalist can not favor one side
3. Subjective value – the value of something you trade is based on
what price one party is willing to pay for this thing
4. Vertical integration – the idea that for a corporation to be
successful, it needs to purchase everything that might impact its
core business
1. Forest companies in BC purchased many of the daily newspapers
2. Became very selective with the stories that are represented in
3. Journalism was a profession – they felt they should uphold
certain standards of reporting
5. BR-EXIT – look at objective journalist news sources – how different
objective news media explain the motivation of voters in BR-EXIT –
pick 5 articles – notice patterns about how voters are talked about
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1. Think about what the articles implies that the author thinks is
2. Objective journalism with a global optic – the New York Times,
the Economist, the Christian Science Monitor Reuters, Al
6. 3 pages – Staple Five Articles to the back of the paper, or attach
them to the PDF
oThird World – bring sense of inequality
Began with no economic connotation
Started with an ideological meaning
As the old European empires decolonized, they would fall
into the orbit of the US or the Soviet Union
Decolonization does not particularly advocate dependency
on an empire
oChina – 1949 – Mao Se Tung with the red army seized power in
Nationalist government fled to Taiwan – it established an
exiled government there
Mao won support by claiming that only he could throw off
the dominance of colonial powers
oChina became a global political actor again
Chou EnLai – China’s foreign minister
Began creating a third block
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