LBST 307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Transnationality, Unfree Labour, Multilateral Treaty

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LBST 307 Key Terms
Unfree Labor: Work relations wherein people are employed against their will by the threat of
destitution, detention, violence, lawful compulsion, or other extreme hardship to themselves or
to members of their families.
Payments for Unfree Labor: Does not exceed subsistence or barely exceeds it. Payment is in
goods which are not desirable and/or cannot be exchanged or are difficult to exchange.
Payment wholly or mostly consists of cancellation of a debt or liability that was itself coerced,
or belongs to someone else.
Forms of Unfree Labor: Slavery/Chattel Slavery. They may be bought and sold or otherwise
exchanged by owners. They will never receive any personal benefit from their labor.
Forced Labor: Term for those in work relations where all work is involuntary or service exacted
under the menace of a penalty. Exceptions Consist of: Military Service, Civic Obligations,
Consequence of a conviction in a court of law, Emergency Situations (war, calamity, fire, flood,
Indentured and Bonded Labor: A persos pledge of their laor or series as seurity for the
repayment for a debt or other obligation. The services require to repay the debt may be
udefied, ad the series duratio ay e udefied. The series required to repay the
det ay e udefied, ad the series duratio ay e udefied. Uder this syste, the
debtor provides another human being as security or collateral for the debt. Until the debt
(including interest on it) is paid off, the creditor has the use of the laor of the pa. Det
bondage can be passed on from generation to generation. Prohibited by international law.
Penal Labor: Term used for various kinds of unfree labor which prisoners are required to
perform, typically manual labor. Forms of penal labor include labor as a form of punishment,
the prison system used as a means to secure labor, and labor as providing occupation to
offenders. These scenarios can be applied to those imprisoned for political, religious, war, or
other reasons as well as to convicts or offenders. Large scale implementations of penal labor
include labor camps, prison farms, and penal colonies.
Truck System: terms used by labor historians to refer to an unpopular or even exploitative form
of payment associate with small, isolated and /or rural communities, in which workers or self-
employed small producers are paid in either goods, a form of payment known as truck wages or
tokens, private currency or direct credit to be used at company stores owned by the employer.
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