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MATH 157
Jan Manuch

r\ ,W WWl ,: .frYtal* 4 a ii- ^L ;4 '..l.--'?-Erx*li:zzl i-\tcv'- lt- -l L=Lv;i -LavLT, i UI-ZJrl r- t c,1 f*"lii€*'tL )r*a;4- \--K-\ ----_L Y, }7{ a.(.7-r Y.v I '['Wr Y4rN ,Ll l,hA N Y)tr t,t^tt x?-Do +(-)+ Wh-{-,: I'u^ ,11 I*zs X'3 X*) lq lx t3 \Y-b : I'U,r[x=trh ! L. I'hl(*l nI i x?3-. r'J3-x5 *iqr+ ao \,u,TC*) ='-L x73 It'(* Ft*)={3t1^ 12_ \LL E tl,Y Frvvlt$ *,l**,itS( \ a{i \ZL (c. F{rl g It-'KAL ^. [email protected]}SnarnAl r: ."^f,)von9 I. rFxz,L ''- F(x) iB *,ttWn5, 69p.b;,^l .i dil^ ,: cafi\tonvt5rl."q-1,{ I: \M.Tul =*t.) ( 1Vttt .:: i xta. (s=Qa >XAq: lo^=\q tl-- \A Rlq= w\:c \_/ tMtk\ 6na [S ];:i \i =ttt-4 xlr I \,\ a.Y_: \n iF a+o#Q" +t")Y,ntkl )r*:,'\.,rf,'$A'^" I \ 1L ,Nolo^hirrr.o,rJ rl=,. M t\i,t/hlJ*fa^a [email protected]'\=z*nJ (--?;otY I \6.031 o, e13 lYtrch ,\ +tLQ,rn"]ivr 7 Ftul=fz x+l o,l A'Sg./"U.-f *:l a k*t ,, z\ Tt(r= t,,-+(\*\.+t_l llA h:a-1- = \to in-+.#p'=f,\ L+h /_ ,.'*{d1= \,vr,Rtrt,r)\rvu - l,\"r h+A T- = Iroo+--ftl)+-lh+o+ a4vwU-o.+6-4_-_.b= $*;adru* n a+r{L,whU ry ksa, 4;r4:" g,rzALy$:t"*'J,l^t l,w !rdl.SL= \,v^totn-*n=\i^( hro- h hrlo h hro )\ l = (;il^it-*tn)}-!t(^{ = Yrt-'xn* s,.Xdnaox*l= [.xn i* :OI t \\o-/en',rtr,,_^ r*9 foWF*f,U^ d"rlqhn*lryrp{x\-ful F\xl L\, hz, ?*.--t*+f|--i6o c'|'tx) fll'xJ)= y**)"\'\^^ r'k\gx\ 4+) = *4;::+* ,1[xl -*-ttti ;te,- . Rn=].t: E^-KT={iz4nrtiql " gi(r\:€Jj[xqi) ltr1,,1,,=,'pi]rlhia,rf [email protected]=r,u-#=- -- ln+StutfQtx) Un: r)ul= t( FL*l= y!,? 3v-\ Pt*1= Ir",)-t'")t=) $*-r)L rrri=_# \ _1 ---/-_L J{7l= Y-z ?-b"i) i.,k): 3'.t*l=S-1"4i'# )"*,rn "Q3 -F F, 4tx), r'\ t-+f}- - J l\1d , (3Lxi) -J'v)' Lwr r(-!4JdJt'n] =- 3't-1.t\tn]= 3'(*Jfl h:O ,\\na" \i+o j, I= f'(3LilJ'st*J 6,'tet {-+(u) *A ,n\-'x} e,r*l \f*'j--P\g( et{"^,^-/"n "/ &n3e"- 'h Aa/A^h& tY ff"aL€f {}"v'$e41p"r*ke, \trI1=f d 4{tr1ua4tq tffiT^Vo-r.T r,y,l,1,1" 6oal-F.mrhM N orn4(the111t1i3g1'4at1rh"J1;Ffr,1cire, t"/W-E_ni J n^-" w ,nrQsp*l*Q "n^ :, RevenypEv-'chU\ i Rt*): p.x = ;R*l i ' M"r3\r'1-''!'r-e l'5 Ktt-): Hx)* "F[*] : i -'' -^--=_:*:t--**'-.-"-'- - - -* "*' ?=rytHoo-tq0e z)4ur4A. Fihd, ry5l\Arewvq.&- ulq^ u-,a-,, i t:t: VVl4,:tS {i."{s+*1o*SofJc/'u^J +Yx=Zon -,,***f-e*,rnrc- Rtx,._,4ry r{@r ,\l(''a-- +qdo nt(zo) = --s-oeo +Lloo = flS,\ ,HS- o1**?p 742 rrrY) = F" i t^rgt'try\"$, @,4 * a,gt"not-ul *qc+t(__;6 \^4A*h AoK yL,k"\^ ,hpl,a^t'rr*{,u,H&g).e LC T [U *f IA,L-tt€-L[t"rnt1 4 {'=0,E lr' x;-. :fn -'ftr^[==.o*.* .*:!;" ; - \xJ+X,-xJ*Llx,-l t \x'n q xt qr-4 o,wu t'g-, T yz= :(o,zEzt)q-l [email protected] l-.' z./4 o,zao @FoU F ,\= +f;&*(eA h brapi" f=6-i, tj;Wft" . x= AEi. ' x>3=2i5D5 v8vL\k_s+.L -.. iflifzgs;=oo ^,({[email protected] g Tt=9 n- yz-_Z.3r t+__ L+ fxruq Yz:2er,(uuu)+c9 fu*uqq1 €b ) - *?-qq( fa\rnut.? lIv-l{r,[email protected]*n frWd, ft, ,ilMM 4ap+,p$'(r1)=olP'fflVW"& *C"r '.\"4,e*s , t\h,r6w,Adh6 ul"l,,a4,^4f6Lr^N\*J, W ,rrtEW*" W4;t,^@lA Xnr,'=Yn -YJ .= yn- t,t*4 \t +0_ -7vr: Yg:4x, X3= {tn)=\x\ _ *\ = -grci -Eg=U*r:---. $e"fu. wlt*L h,\g h3gr -t3i3- irrut jSiW"- j.Jol\o fu:aS6sg tetL = \tL :x' 3x+l : -ttk+la 3 - l-2t.,9 -hqI Az\,5q 5 ;T=-L *L g**t?=_5 Y-t xLtr"t-l=e x -X)7 7 Blx\=3;x l,|n\- n\ui-r b.L--rl rr 'i!' -i) = \y(,*ili':L t' '\J ?,Fpad "#*^^; -\Sffi UJr _---.-- c,,{*lqL ?tt\"b^ @"aatt&uu \"dtrte-n5 \tJ.\t ,Y tL *'/^'-.6 4 aqiue*e-fetul*Yil4, +tlpdQBL * o..W l*,dtihrt_r,| InVltlr",4rl**r%O'
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