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Chiaka Drake

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1 Chapter 6.1 Measurement of Angles Angle terminology: ray initial ray terminal ray vertex clockwise direction, negative angle counterclockwise direction, positive angle standard position quadrants I, II, III, and IV coterminal angles central angle arc unit circle 2 Degree measurement: is the measure of the angle formed 1 by 360 of one complete ____________. One complete ____________ measures _____. Radian measurement: is the measure of the __________ angle subtended by an arc __________ in length to the radius of the circle. Note 1: In a _______ circle: 360 degrees radians 1degree radians x degree radians Converting Degrees to Radians: Let x be the number of degrees, then f (x) x radians. Converting Radians to Degrees: Let x be the number of radians, then f (x) x degrees. Copy From Text: p. 305 about degree – radian relationship 3 Chapter 6.2 The Trigonometric Functions DIFFERENT FROM TEXT Trigonometric functions: Let (x, y) (0,0) be a ________ on the circle with radius r , then the angle is as in the diagram and sine function: sin opposite hypotenuse adjacent cosine function: cos hypotenuse opposite tangent function: tan adjacent cosecant function: csc secant function: sec cotangent function: cot Note 2: Set your calculator to the correct ________ when working with trigonometric ____________. 4 Note 3: T
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