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Peter Horban

lecture 15 Philosophy 100 is called knowledge and RealityThis title highlights two main nonexclusive branches of philosophy epistemology and metaphysicsQuestions of metaphysics are ones concerning the ultimate nature of realityExamplesQuestions of epistemology are ones dealing with the nature and sources of knowledgeThere are several different senses of knowledge or of knowingExamples1S knows the president of SFU personallyknowledge in the sense of acquaintance2S knows how to ride a bicycleknowledge in the sense of abilityNeither of these senses will concern us3S knows that Pwhere P is any proposition or statementthe propositional sense of knowledgeWhat is it for a person to know that a given proposition P is trueThe following appear to be necessary conditions1The truth conditionP is true2The belief conditionS believes that P3The justification or evidence conditionS has adequate justification or evidence for believing that PSkepticism is the view that no one knows anything about the external world at leastNaive Realism1There exists a world of physical objects trees buildings mountains etcStatements about these objects can be known to be true through senseexperienceThese objects exist not only when being perceived but also when they are not perceived Their existence is independent of perceptionBy means of our senses we perceive the physical world pretty much as it is Our claims to have knowledge of it are justifiedThe sense impressions we have of physical objects are caused by those things
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