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What is Morality?

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Sam Black

th September 10 , 2012 – What is morality? 1 Morality  Moralitas  “manner” or “behaviour”  Morality creates law; we just need to provide reasons. Ethics Used interchangeably  Ethos  “character” or “behaviour”  “Look at the ethos of our times!”  Right or wrong  Conduct/action  Good or bad character Right/wrong and good/bad used in non-moral standards too  etiquette, art, sports Characteristics of Morality Injuries, pain, harm, suffering, unhappiness  benefits, pleasure  Theory – utilitarianism = “pain is bad, avoid it” Distinct from the law  what is required by law and required by morality  Legal, not moral = abortion, slavery, torture, capital punishment, war  Moral, not legal = euthanasia, pot  Authority and reasons Distinct from self-interest – obligations for others even if not in self-interest  Ethical egoism = self-interest  You are truly moral if you act morally even if it has no personal gain. Impartiality  considers interests equally, no privileged people in morality  Partial to something = biased  Example: friend doesn’t drink you beer when you’re peeing but then you drink his when he pees  We are partial to family/friends Good reasons (morality demands reasons)  Racists can’t give concrete reasons = why it is immoral to be racist  Authority is interlinked with good reasons. If a pope says abortion
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