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Friendship (Aristotle)

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Sam Black

th October 17 2012 PHIL 1102  Tolstoy wrote a book called The Death of Ivan Ilych  Page 182 – Aristotle  Page 187 – Ringer General traits of friendship:  Trust  Honesty  Similar interests  Respect  Compassion  Humour  Cultural traits  Comfortable  Gods – self-sufficient  Animals – most animals have to live together but some live alone  What do you think of before you die? o “I should have been a better child, friend, parent, etc” not “I wish I bought that nice car” Aristotle  Word that translates to friendship  Philia – to like, to hold dear; beginning of “friend”ship o Other words  Sexual relations = eros  Spiritual, love of god = agape Three criteria for friendship: When these three are fulfilled, you have the best kind of friendship, says Aristotle. O NE  Requires reciprocal affection  I have to like you, you have to like me  Rules out friendships with inanimate objects TWO  You have to like somebody for their own sake (the other person, the “friend”)  As in, not if you like someone because they give you pleasure  Liking someone for who they are THREE  Requires that the two people are aware of the affection  There has to be some acknowledgement th October 17 2012 PHIL 1102 Three Types of Friendship 1. Based on wanting utility or advantage (i.e., really smart study partner) – treating someone as a means (Kant) 2. Based on wanting pleasure – treating someone as a means (Kant) 3. Based on their good character (genuine friend) Not genuine (#1 and 2):  Friends are considered like toys that we play with when we feel like it.  You are “friends” with them because they have some type of incidental property (i.e., they’re wealthy). 
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