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Faith (Tolstoy)

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Sam Black

th October 10 , 2012 – Tolstoy and Faith 1 Objectivist (Tolstoy) Subjectivist (Sartre) Transcendentalist (Tolstoy)  Certain objective values  All values are completely  Divine being determines that must be present in subjective what makes a life one’s life in order for it to worthwhile  They’re up to us to be worthwhile determine what is  Faith is what makes life  Analogy – ingredients of a worthwhile for us worthwhile for Tolstoy cake  Personal preference Tolstoy He was adamant about helping people until he “changed”  He felt dejected, trapped, he was in a spiritual/cognitive depression  He thought “What is the point? Why”  The foundation of his life fell away, life became meaningless  Page 80 – he stated that we are mortal so we will die and end up as “stench and worms”  What is the ultimate meaning of life? Time destroys everything. He went around asking people (with knowledge) about life’s meanings.  Page 81, he was looking for a rational answer to the meaning of life Why do people choose to live if we cannot find a meaning for life?  He concluded that the answer was not in the realm of rational knowledge People had irrational knowledge that gave them answers  This is known asfaith(in divine)  It is NOT rationalRANSCENDENTALISM What is Faith?  Kierkegaard: The point in faith is that it does not make sense  “Take a leap of faith” (i.e., with love)  You are truly faithful if you hold the belief even if all evidence counts against it. Albert Camus  An atheist  “Life is absurd”, “life has no meaning”  The myth of Sisyphus – Gods punish Sisyphus because he overstepped his boundaries. He is forced to roll a boulder up a hill, then it rolls back down, then he ha
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