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Sexual Relationships

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nd October 22 , 2012 – Sexual Relationships 1 Article by Goldman (page 211) – “Plain Sex” Summary – page 205 Sex is a Means to… (Ethical Components of Sex): 1. Reproduction 2. Get love 3. Gain communication 4. Learn something from somebody (Plato) – in ancient times men had sex with adolescence to teach them something interpersonal  “pedagogy” If sex doesn’t include one of these components, it is considered morally suspect! Goldman’s View  Page 212 – “I shall criticize the predominant form of analysis which I term “means-end analysis”  Is sex a means to an external end?  Sexual desire: the desire for contact with a body that results in pleasure  The goal is physical contact, not a separate further end  the sex itself is valuable Is his definition too broad? Does it include too much? REBUTTALS TO ARGUMENTS:  It can include such things like sports  The desire in sports is not contact, it is to win.  It can include a baby’s desire to be cuddled  The child’s desire is vague (amorphous). They aren’t specifically looking for anything. They just want tenderness and security.  His definition isn’t too broad because he can account for any arguments made against it. Is his definition too narrow? Does it include too little? REBUTTALS TO ARGUMENTS:  It doesn’t include personality  Personality can contribute to sexual attraction. o One’s personality is embodied in behaviour. You express your personality through behaviour. o You can start liking someone’s personality but eventually it will lead to bodily contact. Reproduction  Main reason why sex or having kids was considered ethical  We don’t have the ethical baggage of sex anymore because of contraceptives  We hardly have the desire to have sex FOR REPRODUCTION o Before: sex was to reproduce o It is like food. Before we ate for nutrition. Now, we eat for pleasure. Love  Symposium by Pluto  Aristophanes o People in mythical past = one person was actually composed of two intertwined people (could be ♀ ♀, ♀ ♂, or ♂ ♂) o The power of two challenges gods with strength
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