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th November 14 , 2012 – Animals 1 PHIL 1102 Interspecies Intro – page 611 Peter Singer article (‘Animal Liberation’) – page 616 Rollin – page 636-641 Views 1. Personhood with respect to animals 2. Utiltarianism (can they experience pain or suffering?) (Singer) Looking at “higher” animals like dolphins Personhood Dolphins – person? Human – biological concept Person – philosophical concept (what are their capacities?) Criteria of Personhood 1. Rational 2. Self-awareness (i.e., dogs and cats don’t recognize themselves in the mirror; higher animals such as animals do) 3. Know your past-future 4. Controls behaviour 5. Treats others a certain way 6. Capable of conceptual thought (language) It is possible to be a human being but not a person (i.e., brain dead or schizophrenic). Your rights to choose or be a “person” are taken away if you are brain dead and sometimes if you are severely mentally ill. Taking someone off life support is not considered murder because they have lost the title of “person”  A “brain dead” person (vegetable) was able to register things. i.e., he was able to communicate in some way Dolphins  Group-orientated  Similar structure (i.e., females band together, males go off as a collective group)  Cooperative  Reproduction (a lot of time devoted to sex, as in 10 sexual encounters a day) o Only species other than humans that engage in sex for pleasure  Bisexual  Don’t harm people  Protective of young (mother dolphin was crying when a man took her young to nurse it back to health; no intention to attack man; avoided harming man)  Brains similar to humans (ours is 3 lbs, their’s is 3.5 lbs, similar cerebral cortex, intelligent) o Most animals avoid humans but dolphins are curious th November 14 , 2012 – Animals 2 PHIL 1102  Can do tricks – classmate taught her hamster to roll over o Fast learners, rewarded if they think of something original to do  Long memories o Can communicate with dolphins if we learn their clicks and whistles  Communication/language o Each dolphin, after they communicate, they use a unique signature/whistle (i.e., you signing your name at the end of a letter)  identity
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