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Political Science
POL 100
Loganathan Masilamani

POL 100 Chapter 6  Decentralization: process whereby power and authority is taken from the central government and conferred to non-central governments. Ex: state, regional, provincial  Sovereignty: recognition by other political authorities that a government is legitimate and rightful for a political community  Delegated authority: situation where some powers may be given to sub- national authorities by the national government in a unitary system  Unitary System: political systems that concentrate political authority and powers within one central government, which is singularly responsible for the activities of the political unit, both domestic and foreign.  Centralization: concentration of power in a single body, usually the principal government.  Federalism: form of governance that divides powers between the central government and regional governments; often, particular roles and capacities are given to the regional governments.  Confederalism: political system of divided powers where added power is given to the non-central governments, and limited authority and power is conferred to the central government.  Devolution: political system where some authority is given to the regional governments, but the power to oversee, dismiss, or entrench these authorities is still held by the central government.  Reserved matters: powers not given to the Northern Ireland Assembly, but that may be transferred to the region at a later date  Excepted matters: powers not given to the Northern Ireland Assembly, and that will remain permanently under the control of the central g
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