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Political Science
POL 100
Logan M.

Interaction Main conceptual:: organization starts from common territory Huge organization – territory/ values (believes) as a Canadian, and as a British Columbian/ within a Country – World Ex) involves absolute power.. Singapore – more contra. To build an identity – sing national ant., respect towards the country every morning. System David Eastian Political system Inputs -> Decisions -> Outputs -> Feedback -> Inputs (loop) State in the centre. Connected and organized political body Change in one aspect Organizations Local/ national/ international Public or private Ex) political parties, interest groups Within the public sphere :: involves responsibility you may involve From organization… Institutions SFU, BCIT, UBC and etc. - That have developed and mandated to attend to particular needs for society - not necessarily ‘organizations’ - strongest when they are autonomous transparent, accountable, and durable - very essential to building effective systems Functions of government 1. Role making – legislative 2. Rule Application – Civil service 3. Rule Adjudicatiave – Judiciary 1618 – 1648 30 yr war peace/ treaty of westphalia 1. Legal institutions 2. Territory 3. People 4. Sovereignty 5. Recognition UN
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