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Political Science
POL 101W
Robert Hanlon

Non-State Actors and Social Movements 1. social movements a. influence society to change mindframe 2. social movements a. unconventional means b. over time develop an instionalized groups i. civil disobedience Targets of influence  politicians  bureaucrats  the courts  the media  transional level Are interest groups too powerful: yes!  casino analogy o interests groups have large finicial funding, eventually bankrupt NGO  lobbying  super funding  political socialization o accepting of certain sources  ei, global warming: we accept fact from unknown sources  social groups/interest groups o is a mechanism of democracy  democracy is about having the ability to freely campaign social interest of a group movements  enviroment  human rights o arbitary arest=>human right movement NGO: Greenpeace  "consertative" ideology  no single event that culiminated its formation 
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