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PSYC 100
Jaime Palmer

REASERCH METHODS PART 1 List and describe the steps in the sc. method. Define the 4 measurements techniques PSYC use and one drawback for each. What do you think? 1. The higher a male monkey’s testosterone is, the less aggressive he is likely to be. 2. Younger adults have sex less frequently than older adults. 3. The hotter the weather, less crime against person (such as muggings) tend to occur. - 2 Approached to Study PSYC 1. Hindsight (after-the-fact) understanding Attempting to explain behaviour after it occurs. Problem: too many possible explanations, which one is the right one? 2. Understanding through prediction, control theory building Theory building (…) - Psychologists are Scientists 1. Are precise. 2. Are sceptical. 3. Rely on empirical evidence. 4. Willing to make risky predictions. 5. Open and transparent. Psychological research – Scientific Method 1. Identify 2. Hypothesize 3. Test 4. Analyse 5. Build bodywork - Step 1: Identify a question that interests you. - Step 2: Form a hypothesis. Specific prediction about some phenomenon. - Step 3: Collect data. - Step 4: Draw tentative conclusions. - Step 5: Build a body of knowledge. Ask further questions, conduct more research, develop and test theories (a set of formal statements that explains how and why certain events are related to one another; theories are broader than hypotheses.) Variables (characteristic that can vary) - Psychologist study variables and the relationship between them. - A variable is any characteristic or factor that varies. - Must be defined. In terms of specific procedures used to produce or measure it. - Operational definitions translate abstract concepts into something observable and measurable. Ex: Exam Stress. Measurement Techniques: Self-report measures: ask people to tell us about their own knowledge, experience, attitude, feelings or behaviour. - Social desirability bias: the tendency to respond in a socially acceptable manner rather than according to how one truly feels or behaves. - Alternative is to get reports from others.
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