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PSYC 100
Jaime Palmer

Emotion Nov 27th Feelings: States that involve a pattern of COG, PSYC and behavioural reaction to events. Functions: - Evolution - Social communication - Learning/reward 4 Features of emotions 1. Emotions are triggered by eliciting stimuli. 2. Responses result from appraisals of these stimuli. 3. Our bodies respond to our appraisals. 4. Emotions involve behaviour tendencies  Expressive – demonstrating our emotions.  Instrumental – allow us to do something to change our emotional state. PSYC responses v - Eliciting stimuli -> COG appraisal --- Instrumental behaviour ^ Expressive behaviours Eliciting stimuli - Trigger emotional responses - External or internal  External ex: lottery ticket  Internal ex: memory of winning the lottery - Determining value of eliciting stimuli is an innate ability - Also influenced by learning Appraisals - COG appraisals  Interpretations of and meanings that we attach to sensory stimuli  Conscious or unconscious o Ex: odors Appraisals: Role of culture - Strong cross-cultural similarities - Some appraisals differ by culture Physiology - Limbic system - Cortex - Thalamus – dual response pathways 1. Sensory input comes in to the Thalamus. (Activation of emotions) 2. Amygdala gives a primitive response. (Physiological and behavioural components) 3. Sensory impulses to neocortex for COG processing 4. Cerebral cortex receives sensory input from Thalamus. Activation of emotions by COG processes Right/Left brain - Right: Negative emotions - Left: Positive emotions Behaviours - Expressive behaviours  Evoke empathy - Charles Darwin – emotional displays contribute to survival  Fundamental emotional patterns
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