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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 100
Jaime Palmer

In-class writing assignment 1. Does this study reflect basic or applied research? How do you know? - “to explore” - “to mediate this commitment” - Multiple tests and analysis were conducted. - - - - - - 2. What level(s) of analysis (biological, psychological, environmental) are being employed in this study? Explain and identify the specific details of the study that show this. - Attention T and deflection T (decreases in attention towards other potention mates in 1’s surroundings. Biological Psychological Environmental All there levels of analysis are linked together, yet the most prominent levels are Biological and Psychological. - Hormones: oxytocin (modulate attachment, - <3 feelings, - The real world: the higher the level; higher the ability to IB potentiemotions, person you’re in partner, which leads to heightened feelings of behaviours and love with. attachment towards the perso+ vasopressin perception. - <3. (social recognition, attention, memory and partner selectio. Hormones affect behaviour. - ‘Changes in basic - Odor. psychological functions’ - ‘Changes in basic biological functions’ - psyc mechanism - bio mechanism remains un resolved. - Odor helps in mate selection = odor remains un resolved. carry information that allow ♀ sensory system to ID the individual emitting the odors. (♀ are able to extract genetic info from ♂) - - - - - 3. What were the findings of previous research that led the re
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