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Social Psychology - ch 17

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 102
Paula Wilson

Social Psychologysocial cognition Person perception understand an individual y Effects of physical appearance physical attributes to beauty negativity beauty vs ability y First impressions positive characteristics heard first gives a better impression can be fixed repeated exposure y Cognitive schemata how we perceive others from previous impressionsImplicit theories of personality draw conclusions from traits fits even though its not on the list introvert y Stereotypes group schema applied to all members of the groupIllusory correlation selectively chosen think that schema reinforced on what fits with what weve developedAttributesinferences that people draw about the causes of y Events y Behaviorof others y Their own behavior More likely if event unusualevent has personal consequencespeople behave expectedlywhen askedTypes of Attributions y Fritz Heider 1958y Internal dispositional attributions cause of behavior due to y External situational attributions personal dispositions traitsto situational demands or abilities and feelings Environment constraints Kelleys Model 1967 y Consistency behavior over time y Distinctiveness lowhappy y Consensus same situationsimilar responseKelleys Predictions y High consistency high distinctiveness high consensusattribute cause to situation y High consistency low distinctiveness low consensusattribute cause to person
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