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Chapter 13 Personality

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PSYC 102
Paula Wilson

PersonalityThe total of the psychological intellectual emotional and physical characteristics that make up the individual especially as others see him WebstersThose biologically and environmental determined characteristics within the person that account for distinctive and relativelyenduring patterns of thinking feeling and acting PasserSmith Grand Theories Psychodynamic Theories Psychodynamic Perspective y What people do say and think is only the tip of the iceberg y Based on the influence of the unconscious mind human behavior is based on unaware factors y Need to understand these hidden psychological forces dynamics Freuds Psychoanalytic TheoryBackground Sigmund Freud 18561939Conversion hysteriastrange mental complaints partial blindness reflect psychological disorder not mental illness loss of feeling in hand not arm Breuerattempts to cure the symptoms of hysteria was futile try to find the underlying causes of the symptom disguise wayto keep certain memories repressed once these memories were brought up symptoms would stopAnna O patient could not find a physical reason hypnosis found that events from her youth caused these symptoms had a nervous cough that would appear whenever she heard upbeat music unconscious determinants of behaviorcontains the thoughts and memories that are not available to us exert influence on our behavior Annas coughNote Think of SybilStructure of Personality Id source of psychic energy biological urges unconscious pleasure principle most primitive portion of personality primary process thinking source of other structureseg Infant Ego deals with the demands of reality operates on reality principle secondary process thinkingeg Child learns he cannot always get what he wants executive branch of personality Superego moral branch of personality determines whether it is right or wrongeg Child learns that stealing a cookie is wrong
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