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PSYC 102
Russell Day

Psyc 100 Psyc 102 Psychology 102 Introduction to Psychology II Russell Day Tuesdays & Thursdays 16:30 – 17:50 in Images Theatre The Course Syllabus Psychology is..  a way of looking at human behaviour.  Teaching Philosophy – Who am I? lenses Office Hours depends on your perspective  What will make this a ‘Great Class’ for you?  Definition: What ‘conditions’ need to exist? Psychology is the study of behaviour and the More conditions? mind. Expectations? All in? Inferring  WebCT Tour ( Dualism versus Monism☺ Class Outlines (Caveat)  What about the Course Syllabus? Audio Recordings (Caveat) The Course Syllabus Who are you? Why are you here?  iClicker2 (text quizzes) (Old iClicker OK?)  Index Card:  Written Assignment Your Name Assignment Syllabus Your Student # Where you consider ‘home’  Exam Structure  Research Participation (when ready) Why are you taking this course?  On the other side: Numbers 1 to 10  Textbook  What do you already know about human Passer, Smith, Atkinson, Mitchell, & Muir (2011). behaviour and the mind? Psychology: Frontiers and Applications (4th Canadian ed.). Toronto, ON: McGraw-Hill Ryerson. 10 questions, 40 seconds each! Connect What influences behaviour? Issues  B = f(P, E) Culture  Kurt Lewin Reciprocal Influences ☺  E = Environment maturation to development  Culture? individual to group  P = Person(ality) thoughts to behaviours Questions?? Normal versus/or/and Abnormal? Seven Themes in Psychology Seven Themes in Psychology Psychology is empirical.
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