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Lecture 1

PSYC 106 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Mania, Douche, Forlorn Hope

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PSYC 106
Sherri Atwood

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Therapy Chapter
Chapter Overview
Therapy refers to how mental disorders are treated, with the help of the
knowledge base of psychology.
Major types of psychotherapy include psychoanalytic, humanistic,
behavior, cognitive, and individual, group, and family
Issues in psychotherapy include culture, gender, values, effective
factors and types, and the evaluation of psychotherapy
We’ll also look at a few biomedical therapies such as drugs, brain
stimulation, surgery, and lifestyle change.
Treatment: Getting Help to Those Who Need It
The personal costs and social burdens associated with mental
disorders are enormous.
People may not realize that their disorder needs to be treated.
There may be barriers to treatment, such as beliefs and
circumstances that keep people from getting help.
Even people who acknowledge they have a problem may not know
where to look for services.
When people do seek help, they sometimes do not receive the most
effective treatments.
History of Mental Health Treatment
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