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V.Gordon Rose

PSYC 109W- Lecture 7 CONSCIOUSNESS What is Consciousness?  Awareness of Internal and External Stimuli o External events o Internal sensations o Self as being unique o Thoughts about experiences  William James- Stream of consciousness  Sigmund Freud- Variations in levels of awareness Consciousness---Interesting Q’s:  What EXACTLY is consciousness?  What is consciousness for/why do we have it?  How did consciousness evolve?  Where is consciousness, and how does it work?  Are non-human animals conscious? How Psychology Teaches Consciousness  Circadian rhythms  Sleep and dreaming  Meditation and hypnosis  Drugs  Brain abnormalities, near-death experiences, déjà vu, ESP Why Psychology Teaches Consciousness That Way  Psychology originally studied consciousnessvery difficult  Behaviourism  Cognitive Revolution  Much is unknown  BIG QUESTIONS! DUALISM vs. MONISM Dualism  The presumption that mind and body are two distinct entities that interact o Problem how does it interact? Classical dualism  Mental processes vs. physical processes  Homunculus, the “theatre of the mind” Monism  The presumption that mind and body are different aspects of the same thing o Growth of monismfMRIs, etc. Evidence for a Monistic View  Perception vs. Sensation  Memory  Drugs- chemically altered states of consciousness Cocaine Euphoria and Crash  Cocaine blocks reuptake of neurotransmitters, yielding th
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