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Psychology 201W - Course Introduction

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Owen Thomas

PSYCH 201W Summer 2013 Psychology 201W: Introduction to Research Methods Course Introduction: Instructor: Owen Thomas E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: RCB 6242 (Tuesdays: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm) T.A./Lab Instructor: Trishia Coburn E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Textbook: Methods in Behavioral Research 11 Edition, Paul Cozby (ISBN: 978-0- 07-803515-9) Assignment of Grades: - 3 In-Class Written Assignments (completed during tutorials/labs) = 1% each, marked on a pass or fail basis. - Midterm Exam (Multiple Choice – Chapters 1-9) = 20% - Final Exam (Multiple Choice – Chapters 1-12 and 14 “Cumulative”) = 24% - Research Participation (Participate in Studies by Grad Students in SFU or Summarizing Research Articles) = 6% - Research Project (Design an Experiment, Conduct the Study, Collect Data, Summarize Data, Write Up and Submit) = 40% - “Critiquing” Written Assignments = 7% The Research Project (Information on WebCT): - Design an experiment that has not been done before, must be experimental. - Conduct the study using students from PSYCH 201W (no outsider test subjects). - Collect and summarize the data/results. - Do a write up within 10-15 pages APA format; including the title page, the abstract and the reference page. - Project Outline = 1 Component, describe the basic outline of your study, what the hypothesis is, the variables and why you think the variables are related in the way you think they are (Due week 4). Important Dates to Remember: - May 28 , 2013 = Project Outline Due. - June 18 , 2013 = Project Proposal and Ethics Form Due. th - June 25 , 2013 = Midterm Exam. - August 2 , 2013 = Research Project Due. - August 6 , 2013 = Final Exam. Why is Psych 201W required? - The gateway course to Upper Division Psychology Courses. PSYCH 201W Summer 2013 - Knowledge you learn from Psych 201W will benefit you in future psychology courses. - Most important psychology course in your undergrad career. - Can help you in your everyday life. - Helps you critically analyze claims people make. - Helps you understand the basics of Research Methodology = you’ll be able to tease apart the validity of the claims to make informed decisions. - Helps in professional life, not just in research jobs. - Understand the difference and the importance of the difference between cause and effect or causation and correlation. - Relations between variables. The Scientific Approach: Psychology = A discipline based on The Scientific Approach. - Debate: Is psychology a science? The Scientific Approach, precedes skepticism, requires information based on observations that support the claims before accepting them. - Questions in psy
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