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Chapter 3

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 210
Cathy Mc Farland

Chapter 3 1 Two main points of course: 1. Statistical significance – how likely was the data due to the actual manipulation 2. Predictability through an analysis of variability If statistical significance was <5%, it is most likely due to “cheating” – difference hypothesis Statistical significance = how much the standard score deviates from the mean Z Score Z score – how far away from the mean you are in units of SD What would the probability of someone having 2 standard deviations? 48% Chapter 3 2 What is the probability of someone having an IQ between 85 and 130? 82% (34% + 34% + 14% = 82%) What would your IQ be if the Z score was +2? 130. What would your IQ be if the Z score was -1? 85. FORMULA: (SD units)(SD) + M = value Z Table on page 671-674:  Example for table: what is the probability of having an IQ of Z = 1.66 or more?  4.85% When it is a decimal, it will be for standard deviation.
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