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January 7th Lecture

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PSYC 241
Dagmar Bernstein

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thJanuary 7 2012 Chapter 1IntroductionFor the Test OmitHistory of psychopathology pages 619Canadian Contributions 11What is AbnormalIs it really pathological or do I just find it socially unacceptableeg boys engaging in oral sex with men in Papua New GuineaHow do you distinguish abnormal from normal psychologyAbnormalpsychopathologymental disorder etcMultifaceted definitionStatistical Infrequencymost mental disorders are statistically rarePROBLEM some desirable conditions are rare such as high IQ and great physical abilityOnly certain rare conditions are abnormalViolation of Normsbehaviour that violates norms that make us feel threatenedanxiousSome do violate social normsPROBLEM Many people violate social norms on purpose eg political dissidentsPROBLEM Many people with mental disorders dont violate them eg generalized anxiety disorderPersonal DistressPROBLEM Some people with mental disorders dont seem to be suffering eg antisocial personality disorderPROBLEM
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