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Lecture 7

PSYC 241 Lecture 7: PSYC 241 – WEEK 7 (Lecture)

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PSYC 241
Shannon Zaitsoff

1 PSYC 241 WEEK 6 (Lecture) DISSOCIATIVE SOMATIC SYMPTOM AND RELATED DISORDERS Dissociative Disorders Involve severe disturbances of identity, memory, and consciousness o Involve sort of a break from yourself and your environment and experiences in conscious memory Somatoform Disorders Individuals have physical symptoms for which there is no biological basis SIMILARITIES These show a similarity in that they are a response to stressful situation Lots of comorbidity between the two Dissociative Disorders Characterized by severe disturbances of identity, memory, and consciousness. Include: o Depersonalization Disorder o Dissociative Amnesia o Dissociative Fugue o Dissociative Identity Disorder DepersonalizationDerealization Disorder The central symptom is persistent and recurrent episodes of depersonalization (a change in ones experience of the self in which ones mental functioning or body feels unreal or detached) andor derealization (the sense that ones surroundings are unreal or detached) o Personalization separated from their own body observing themselves from the outside o Realization Within their own body, but the external world is feeling strang People with this disorder feel as though they have become separated from their body and are observing themselves from outside o This sense of unreality can extend to other sensory experiences and behaviour In contrast to depersonalization, derealization is characterized by the feeling that the external world is unreal and strange Depersonalization and derealisation experiences by themselves do not indicate a disorder o Transient depersonalization or derealisation reactions are fairly common o The symptoms of a depersonalizationderealization disorder are persistent or recurrent, cause considerable distress, and interfere with social relationships and job performance
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