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Development of the Brain and Behaviour

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PSYC 280
Ollie Hulme

f½ ½¯°€f°Ǝf @,Ŷ9 ˜f¯f½ť Ŧ ¯ Ŧ ¾ #Ŧ $f–¾€ ½¯° &Ŧ °n€€n¾ )Ŧ ° °¯°f €€n¾ $Ŧ ½¯°f ¾*¾ Ŧ –°– Ŧ f¯½ ;¾°¾ O¯ f ¾Ŷ°nţ½¯¾fţ°¯ţ¯¾¯ţn¯ O # f ¾€n ¾Ŷf€ f f ½ f O @-D/[email protected]¾–°€¯1n° ¾¾ ¾¯€¯¾Ŧ áf ¾Ŷ-f– O D°2f f¾€n * ¾°nf¾-D/0/33I€¯Ŧ ááf ¾Ŷ-fţf°½fţn°fnf°f O -f – *½°¾° €¯¾-D/[email protected] áf ¾Ŷ-fţ€f°ţ¯f°ţ°f°ţ¾½°fn O @f €°f n¯¾95-03/ I°nf¾ ¾¯ O 5°€°f fn¯¾f°6¾[email protected]/50 ¾ O 718¾ƹ€¾ ½¯°f f–¾ Ŧ-–°¾¾ť O * ¾°nf¾°1n ¾ áŦ,–f°ť O ¾¯–f¾€fnf¯°–/5005000 ¦Ŧ€€°f°ť O ¾*€€°f€¯@,00:;–°nn ¾=°-D/3- Ŧ °f½n¯f°ť O °f½¾¾€¯*fff½*ff f°° Ƌ f *Ŧ 0Ŧfť O €°–°¾¾n *f O ¾*nf¾ f°°** O -f fn *¯°¾1nn ¾* 4 n ¾ °f½¾¾f8½-/I/[email protected]@@3/ţ½¾¾ ½°–¯¾ Ŧ O *f¾°f¾f;¾n ½°–½n¾¾ f½ ½¯°€f°Ǝf @,Ŷ9 4 n ½°°¾f°*°18¾f€°n°¾ O 5° nf ¾¯ f°¯f n°€°*°–f–5;°f–¾f ½ °–*½*¾€nnf °°°– °8*¾ °f½n ¾¾ –*€¯;¾ ¾¾¾ °f½¾¾ţ€½°°–°18 °¯f°* ¯f8°–¯€€n° ½Ŧ °f½nff°–¯°ť O °f½n½°°–:–°–*€;¾ ¾¾¾ °½f¾¾= O °f½n€¯f° O @nBnf°–¾n8°¾¾*°–¾¾f– 9€°f,ff°ť O °n9¾° *°°°ţ¾¾–½ff B½ f°¯½ ¾ °°f–¾ O @9¾°€ f¾–°¾¯fţf ¾¯f8°–°€ f–¾Ŧ °nf°½¯° -f¾Ŧ-ť O [email protected]ƹf € –°¾ 4 ¯°*f€ Cf°€ € O [email protected]@9ƹf ½ ¾nf ţf f ţf°*¯°f nffn¾n¾ 4 °°f nf°–°–– €–° °¯°f °fn°¾ @°¾ť O 5*°nf 1°¾ƹ¾f¯–° ½ O I ¾¯ [email protected]@50½° ½¾**€€°°fn°¾1° °¯° °#¾ °¯ť O °Bf n¯¾¯ O 5¯½f¯°€n–° f f°*½ ¾nf –1 O 5;ƹƋ) O ,f €¯** ½¯°€€°f Ǝ¯½f ¾ O 5¯½f*°°f *€€°f° O°°¯°f°½¯° O ° °¯°°1n€¾* ½¾°€ °n¾* ½¯° O @93O5: fn8€B –°=¾8€° nf *¾f f°*¾nC½°f O ,f °°€¯¾8€¾nC½
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