PSYC 325 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Logical Positivism, Empiricism, Sensationalism

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Published on 1 Oct 2016
Psyc 325 Learning and Memory
1. Describe models of learning and memory, and relate them to underlying neurological and
cognitive mechanisms
1. Ontology: A person’s beliefs about the nature of the universe/reality
2. Epistemology: A person’s view of how humans come to know about the universe
3. Scientific Realism:
a. A type of ontology
b. Components
b.i. We all inhabit a common, objective reality that exists independent of what anyone
thinks or says about it
b.ii. The goal of science is to discover/describe it
c. Implication: everything can be measured...eventually
d. vs. Dualism, Sensationalism, Empiricism/ Logical Positivism
d.i. “objective reality not taken as a given (or outright rejected)
1. Biology must adhere to chemistry and physics, Psyc theories are bounded by bio principles
1. A simplified, idealized +/ explanatory representation of a more complex system
2. Model of long term memory
a. Declarative: Semantic, Episodic
b. Nondeclarative: Perceptual motor, Cognitive skills
1. Acquisition/ updating of info, which subsequently influences b
a. These changes are being preserved→ memory
2. Ways of learning: Repeated exposure, Association formation (conditioning), Discrimination
between similar things, Generalization across different things
1. The processes of encoding, storing, and manipulating information
a. The info must be acquired somehow
2. Long term storage (explicit and implicit)
3. Transient representation of environment
4. Transient “metamemory”; active retention, recollection, or suppression
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