PSYC 325 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Reflex Arc, Anterograde Amnesia, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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fMRI and PET they both pick up activity across the entire brain, both indirectly
measure brain activity – EEG has better temporal measurement. fMRI is not directly
measuring the firing of neurons, EEG directly measures neuron activity
Slide 10 start craft study, done at SFU. Key points that they found in the study –
they looked at many different variables – what they found was that variable
importance is not static across levels of expertise! And the way they determined this
was using novel data
Slide 11  expertise and talent
Talent when we are using it in everyday speech we say someone is talented
when they are good at a skill than everyone else
In more formal sense—the ability to become an expert with little effort
The idea of talent translates in a modern view – something in your genes that
makes you better at something – such as Height, for some sports this is
needed for good skills. Height is perceived to be a good relationship abilities
Talent is a genetic predisposition – but its not the only thing that matters.
Skills are needed as well
Muggsy Boques (5’3) – pro-basketball player – shortest ever in the
Arnold Schwarzenegger  ineffective California governor
Slide 12
Looks a lot like declarative memory… (i.e. follows ebbinghaus’ forgetting
If you did a crappy job at something, there’s a good chance you wont do well
on that one thing
Frequently practicing skills will strengthen the memory for that – trade-of
however  proactive/retroactive interference
Recall condition –
Similar to semantic memory
To be able to actually master a skill, you need to repeat it many time  not
like semantic memory, you need to repeat skills many time to remember
them at all
Slide (not on slide)
Repetition needed  trials and sessions; feedback and practice
You are going to need to get some feedback so oyu can modify things
transfer of training and verbal communication
Awareness unneeded
Slide 13
When you initially learned how to do a skill, its fun and you learn, but the
more you practice the less youre learning – diminishing of return
Initially we get a sharp improvement in reading, but with more practice, we
can see that they are getting less and less benefit
We get this power of law learning effect in any specie
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find more resources at
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