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Attention 8 - Visual Search and Eye Movements.pdf

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 330
Richard Wright

8 Visual Search and Eye Movements March11131055 PMThe spotlight metaphor was easy to grasp and understand lots of research Now with a twist glue puts spotlight on target but puts features together Visually searching for object is a god way to study itWhen does searching require attentionIThings that are obviouseasy to find will require less attention Rarely are we not searching for things Wheres Waldo Surrounded by similar looking people Hes hard to find bc he doesnt have a unique feature other ppl have the same feature cant go looking for a specific size colour etc Not until 10yo that you become really good at visual searching Elderly sort of mirrors development in childhoodAlways looking for things Searching for hardtofind targets eg searching for duckie with orange tail is hard bc their bills are orange too Camouflagethings by making them blend in animals standing outthings by making it uniquely different eg hunting helmetsvest Serial and parallel search IISerial processing takes time to find things Parallel is the easier kind bc it jumps out immediately Neisser yes him again search for Z1 Among ODUGRQ circular letters The target pops outamong 2 Among MIVXEW angular lettersTakes longer to find it bc the target Z is also angular Oddmanout task You dont know what the target is but youll be asked to find the object that pops out eg a picture of an ape among tshirtstargets with a unique feature will pop out thus requires less attention Moving away from letters towards shapeLook for green square or red square among red circles Colour enables the strongest pop out Targets without a unique feature do NOT pop out eg if colour nor shape are unique itll take a lot longer to find Set size effect if you add more distractor longer to find the target eg look for Waldo on one page vs two pages Effect present for hardtofind targetsExhaustive search serial inspection of entire array occurs on targetabsent trialsYou have to double check to make sure its not there take longer to respond Serial selfterminating search serial inspection of array terminated when target found Faster response if target is present bc you stop once you find itLittleno effect for targets that pop outP330 Attention Page 1
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