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Attention - Nov. 21

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 330
Richard Wright

Nov. 21/2013 – Attention deficits and disorders Attention deficit assessment Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) Brain diseases Frontal cortex dysfunction Attention deficit disorder (ADD) Paper pencil tests They tend to indicate that people have difficulty focusing and difficulty concentrating.  Trail making test (TMT) .. someone who suffered a head wound had an extreme attentional deficit. (the US army created it). Its like a simple connect the dotes type the general idea is you start at one dot and making a connection, so what you’re essentially doing is searcing usuing visual array. - a version of this, a harder one (there are circles with letters and numbers .. 1- A-2-B-3-C. Paced auditory serial addition test (PASAT) Test of attentional performance (TAP) - Alertness - one of the subtest is for alertness. Simple reaction time task, as sson as the patient hears the tone she presses the button as quickly as she can. Sometimes people aren’t able to react fast they have issues in visual array. - attention shifting (sumbolic location cue) posner task. BOTH - Divided attention FRONTAL– visual task at the same time as auditory task. They need to perform both tasks at the same time. Vis
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